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Chris Rennard, I challenge you Sep 21

The highlight of yesterday afternoon (hell, of the whole day) was playing the LibDem Image game at their stall. They have made badges and fridge magnets of our 63 MPs and the game involves trying to put all the magnets onto a board in alphabetical order in as quick as time as possible. I am slightly competitive so had to have a go. Needless to say, I bettered the existing top time by nearly a minute and will be popping back to the stall shortly to see if any superhuman delegate has topped by time. If you’re reading this at conference this morning, why not go along and see if you can fail miserably at doing better than me? 🙂

After I had finished, Chris Rennard wandered by the stall and, I’m told, declared that of course he could beat the best time but wasn’t going to demonstrate there and then. In the unlikely event that he’s reading this – Lord Rennard, I challenge you to try. Beat my time and I will give five of your human pounds to the party campaign of your choice. Fail, and you give a fiver to the campaign of my choice.

If you don’t take up the challenge, Chris, I shall assume you are chicken. Or have better things to do with your time on the day of Ming’s speech. Or maybe don’t read this blog.


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  1. 1
    Chris Rennard 

    My competitive spirity meant that I would have liked to enter this competition! But the pressures of conference did not allow me time, so I am happy to accept the challenge on another occasion ! Chris

  2. 2

    Thanks, Chris – I look forward to it! I had an inkling you might have a few other calls on your time. 🙂