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The Saturday List: Lib Dem Constituency Songs Mar 13

In honour of my writing this from Lib Dem spring conference in Birmingham, today’s (short) list is Pop Songs That Name Constituencies With Liberal Democrat MPs. It’s also inspired by the first entry on the list, which – bizarrely – was being sung outside the conference hotel in the early hours last night.

Despite our 63 MPs, few constituencies are likely to appear in song lyrics because they contain qualifiers (mainly compass points). So Brent East, Leeds North West, Bristol West, Cardiff Central and Oxford West and Abingdon are unlikely to feature.

I’ve managed to come up with six. Any additions in the comments please.

  • Jackie by Scott Walker – Twickenham
  • From Rochdale to Ocho Rios by 10cc – Rochdale
  • Boston (Ladies of Cambridge) by Vampire Weekend – Cambridge (there must be more that mention Cambridge)
  • Winchester by Emmy the Great – Winchester
  • Chesterfield King by Jawbreaker – Chesterfield
  • Taunton Exhibition by The Bus Station Loonies – Taunton

All right, I got the last couple from Google.

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