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You know you’ve had a good party conference when… Sep 17

Long time readers of this blog will be aware of an awesomely popular, semi-regular feature, written when I used to be involved in classification of library resources, where I highlighted some of the latest additions to the Dewey Decimal System.

So I was delighted to be alerted by a former library colleague to this month’s changes which are all about the classification of political parties.

For example, should you find yourself needing to classify a book on the French Communist Party in Paris, 324.2440750944361 – leaning towards being mistaken for pi by the inattentive – is the number for you.

And now, added to 324.24106 (Liberal Party and its successors) is the entry:

Class here Liberal Democrats


I couldn’t resist flicking through other recent months’ updates for old times’ sake, so here are some highlights:

  • Management of household finances moves from 640.42 to 332.024
  • 364.16: “Class here looting, pillage, plundering”
  • 364.4: “Prevention of crime and delinquency – including curfew, eugenic measures”
  • 133.539 changes from “Trans-uranian planets, and asteroids” (remember, transuranic planets may not be used where there is life) to “Neptune, Pluto, asteroids, related bodies”
  • To reflect its recent demotion out of the planetary premiership, Pluto itself is moved from 523.482 to 523.4922

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