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Could you be Black Rod? Nov 12

The post is a high-profile and challenging one suitable for someone at a senior level in the public or private sectors with proven leadership and administrative skills. The ability to work in a complex political environment, and experience in the area of security, are essential.

So says the job ad in theguardian seeking a replacement for Sir Michael Willcocks, who retires next April. The job will be a scaled-down version of the current role, according to the Telegraph, retaining ceremonial duties – and, judging by the job ad, security responsibilities – but passing the running of the Lords to a new director general.

Still, a senior civil service salary and the chance to dress up in tights and wave a big staff around aren’t to be sniffed at.

Gordon’s alive! Sep 13

So the Saatchi and Saatchi agency has been recruited to look after Labour’s advertising for the general election. Whenever that might be. <cough>

Here’s their pitch:
Not flash, just Gordon

What the BBC story doesn’t tell you*, is that they were previously turned down by the Liberal Democrats after this proposal:
Not merciless, just Ming

For some reason, the Tories – despite the success of Labour Isn’t Working in 1979 – also turned them down. Can’t imagine why:
Not anything really, just Dave

*because (let’s be clear for legal purposes) I’ve made it up

Doctor Who meets Doctor Death Aug 27

Rooting around in the attic, I have discovered one of the lesser-known educational books for children from the 1980s.

It was never going to sell as many copies as Doctor Who Discovers Early Man and Doctor Who Discovers Prehistoric Animals, but it remains highly sought after by fans.

Doctor Who discovers Social Democrats

Our fiends in the north Jan 24

David “Dave” Cameron has set up a “Northern Board” whose aim is apparently to revitalise the Tories in the North of England, where they did even less well than the rest of England at the general election. William Hague has been appointed chair but he may have his work cutout if this top secret map leaked from Conservative Central Office is anything to go by…
Map of England and Wales