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Doctor the manifesto Apr 27

Thanks to a blank version on Thought Crime Is Death, we can all play.

Tony Blair and Doctor Who and the Giant Robot

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General Election called for May 5th Apr 05

Tony Blair has just returned from the palace and announced that a General Election will be held on Thursday 5th May.

The con is on

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Big Brother Jan 12

I was very disappointed to see Germaine go. Like Peter Black, I was rooting for her to win. I sympathise with her reasons for quitting though: given the past antipathy between her and Brigitte Nielsen, introducing Jackie Stallone (who appears courtesy of the Jim Henson Workshop), was just unpleasant.

Jackie Stallone

(Original image nicked from The Zbornak Files.)

Cliff Richard and The Shadows May 30

For Babylon 5 fans (making this topical in about 1995). Apologies in advance.