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Twitter Updates for 2008-09-16 Sep 16
  • Training session on online surveys went really well. Heading back to the conference centre for more YouTubing. #LibDem08 #
  • @markpack Just heard you compared to George Clooney. #
  • Very busy day finished. Looking forward to a sociable last night in Bournemouth. #LibDem08 #
  • No bitter in bar = glass of wine = £5.25 = bloody hell. #LibDem08 #
  • Thanks to the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator I know I would be Crutch Camp Palin. #
  • @snapesbabe Don’t have the link – not online – but Google should do it. #
  • Full of nice Mexican food. Not familiar with the cuisine – think I had a chumbawamba. #LibDem08 #
  • Just had tequila for the first time in my entire life. #

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