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Science vs Faith Jun 26

Came across this online the other day (either via Facebook or another blog), but now it comes to link back appreciatively, I can’t remember where. Sorry.

Anyway, here’s the link. It’s Science and Faith represented as flowcharts.

2 Responses

  1. Very good. ut that on the rounds to my Yank atheist friends.

  2. 2
    James S. 

    Are using type B chart to support your prejudice for type A, by any chance?

    It’s a common fallacy which only entrenches pre-concieved ideas and ignores the evolution of religious faith – dogmatic atheism is an evil equal to any sort of unthinking fanaticism.

    It’s amusing as an attempt at self-affirmation, but it is unhelpful to encourage underestimation of an opposing perspective.

    Religious faith encompasses a conflation of various unsatisfactorily explained concepts, in order fill the gap of the unknown, while scientific faith applies the same principles to the same ends – so do you believe the hype, or do you wait to be convinced by demonstrative argument?

    Belief is a necessary intellectual construct which has definite societal purpose as a formulative of certainty. Secular cult rituals provide similar relief and release for adherents while creating their own temples and earthly icons for worship and emulation (consider celebrities are the modern equivalent of patron saints to their prefered industry – thus malls are the high altars of shopping, where ‘shopping therapy’ can be attained and ‘bargain hunting’ developed with the exercise of a credit card).

    Isn’t fame a tabloid version of heaven/hell? Aren’t different standards applied to the ‘names and faces’ over the great unwashed? Wasn’t this always so?

    This depends on how you have developed your view of the any institutional structure and it’s corresponding systems of institutionalized orthodoxy and values.

    Conceptualization and thought process are equally served by both sets of understanding and each have social applications in different areas – to ignore any potentially beneficial methodology is to predetermine your own limitations. Lessons can be learnt everywhere.

    So conciliate and make peace, or polarize and face war; I prefer to live and be free – at least, until I die!