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Brian’s Facebook Friday Feb 01

Today is Brian’s Facebook Friday, during which supporters of Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Mayor of London, are being asked to sign up as fans on his Facebook page, and to encourage other Londoners on Facebook to do the same.

Signing up as a supporter is a good way of keeping in touch with Brian’s campaign and of publicly showing your support – it also gives you a tasteful little Brian Paddick icon on your Facebook profile. If you want to see Brian elected Mayor of London in May and you haven’t done so already, please register as a fan on Facebook now.

And, if you haven’t yet signed up for Facebook, it’s a great opportunity to do so!

5 Responses

  1. 1
    London LibDem 

    There will probably be anti-Paddick facebook groups too, with views like this:

    [linked removed – Will]

  2. 2

    Hello “London LibDem” – I’m afraid various sources suggest you’re nothing of the sort.

    I’ve removed the link, not because it’s anti-Paddick or because you’ve been spamming various blogs with it, but because the blog post in question is, in my opinion, borderline homophobic.

  3. 3
    London LibDem 

    The post is not homophobic, not even borderline, but I am entertained to note that as a LibDem you seem to believe in censoring legal free speech.

    Not very liberal, and not very democratic!

  4. 4

    The various commenters on the post in question don’t see it that way. Lovely liberal freedom gives me the right to run my entirely personal blog however I want, ta very much.

    At least I have the decency to write under my own name and actually am a LibDem.

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