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Boris’s 60-second U-turn Apr 18

An email has zoomed around the world and popped into my inbox – which admittedly would be more impressive if it hadn’t been sent by the person sitting next to me.

It links to a clip on YouTube featuring yesterday’s debate between London mayoral candidates Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick on the BBC Asian Network (pop fact: I went to primary school with one of the Asian Network’s presenters).

Boris tries to label Brian (who has three decades’ experience in the police force) as soft on crime – only to have to eat his words once challenged.

Here’s the clip:

I like the “Brian Paddick is the only candidate with a proven record of fighting crime” bit at the end – it makes him sound like Batman. Meanwhile, at stately Wayne Manor…

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2 Responses

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    Boris having admitted taking cocaine in the past; what message is that ‘sending to the kids’? (Actually scratch that; sounds a good cautionary tale to me).

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