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A more liberal Britain Sep 29

I wasn’t in the conference hall at Brighton for young Nick Clegg’s speech, but I could tell from the little that I saw on the screens above the BBC stand that it was a speech that would be talked about. I’ve finally caught up thanks to the recording of it on Google Video, where you can find plenty of other coverage from conference.

Turns out the plaudits it received at the time were well deserved. Nick tackles the arrogant, illiberal attitude of the current government head on, as well as proposing a Great Repeal Act. If you’ve not seen his speech yet, get a cup of tea and a biscuit (it’s 18 minutes long), and click the play button.

Red Bill Sep 27

I’m watching footage of Bill Clinton addressing the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, praising the record of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, who is watching from the stage.

There was a time, I suspect, when I would have thought better of Labour just for having President Clinton at their conference. But today I just find myself thinking less of him for being there.

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Post-conference reflections Sep 21

Now I’m home with my trusty laptop…

  • The more conferences I go to, the fewer formal sessions (debates, fringes, training) I seem to take part in
  • British Airways flights are great. Free food and drink and a video monitor showing you the plane’s route, altitude, speed, etc. I could get used to that, green tax switch permitting.
  • If you go to an organisation’s AGM, be prepared to leave as an executive committee member (in my case, of Liberal Democrats Online).
  • Conference is draining, physically, emotionally and, most of all, financially.
  • It’s also very long.
  • Wearing a John Hemming badge gets you noticed.
  • Not necessarily in a good way.
  • I am a geek:
  • Me and the fridge magnets
  • Therefore, I was immediately able to recognise the song which accompanied the second photo montage preceding Ming’s speech as the theme tune to [Star Trek:] Enterprise.
  • And was suitably appalled. I hope LibDemVoice identify the Cowley Street Trekkie responsible.
  • I met loads of marvellous people, more than normal, and mostly through blogging.
  • There is a real positive feeling in the party again.

More may follow as the memories return. Back to work tomorrow. And good luck to those in Oxford working on today’s council by-election!

Farewell, Brighton Sep 21

And that’s conference for another year. Ming’s speech was very good, featuring a particulary incisive joke about Hurricane Gordon (it’s a grey depression that spins and sucks everything to the centre). He hit all the right notes and energised the audience.

Afterwards, for the first time, an MP called me by name, so hurrah for Greg Mulholland. These things matter 🙂

Now to Gatwick – and beyond!