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Post-conference reflections Sep 21

Now I’m home with my trusty laptop…

  • The more conferences I go to, the fewer formal sessions (debates, fringes, training) I seem to take part in
  • British Airways flights are great. Free food and drink and a video monitor showing you the plane’s route, altitude, speed, etc. I could get used to that, green tax switch permitting.
  • If you go to an organisation’s AGM, be prepared to leave as an executive committee member (in my case, of Liberal Democrats Online).
  • Conference is draining, physically, emotionally and, most of all, financially.
  • It’s also very long.
  • Wearing a John Hemming badge gets you noticed.
  • Not necessarily in a good way.
  • I am a geek:
  • Me and the fridge magnets
  • Therefore, I was immediately able to recognise the song which accompanied the second photo montage preceding Ming’s speech as the theme tune to [Star Trek:] Enterprise.
  • And was suitably appalled. I hope LibDemVoice identify the Cowley Street Trekkie responsible.
  • I met loads of marvellous people, more than normal, and mostly through blogging.
  • There is a real positive feeling in the party again.

More may follow as the memories return. Back to work tomorrow. And good luck to those in Oxford working on today’s council by-election!