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Chris Rennard on 18 Doughty Street Apr 25

On Monday night, I joined host Zoe-Anne Phillips, fellow LibDem blogger Andy Mayer, Conservatives Caroline Hunt and John Moorcraft, and Australian Liberal (no relation to the Liberal Democrats) Michael Medway for three hours on internet TV station 18 Doughty Street.

We had some lively debates, to say the least. You can watch our first two shows, Blogger TV and Vox Politix, in the archive respectively here and here.

Tonight at 9pm on the same channel, you can catch Iain Dale‘s interview with the Liberal Democrats’ Chief Executive, Lord Rennard. It was recorded yesterday and is already online to watch here.

2 Responses

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    Dan the Man 

    I think you should tell everyone what you were doing last night William. And with whom!

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