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Tory leadership contest Jun 23

Not the last one, the one before the one before the one before the one before the one before that (if we’re counting Howard’s unchallenged ascension).

The meme du jour is earliest political memories. I’ve searched my brain through the haze that is the 1980s and while I may have been aware of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the release of Mandela and have a suspicion that my dad took me leafletting in the 1987 general election, my earliest clear memory is from the same month as Ryan’s.

I’d not long started secondary school and Heseltine’s challenge to Thatcher and the subsequent leadership election were covered at school (my memory is hazy about which class it was in). I recall predicting, with my 11-year-old’s naivety, that she would cling on – not knowing anything about politics and having spent my entire life under Her reign, it was hard to imagine anything different.

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    I think we had a once a week PHSE (teachers who drink too much saying don’t drink to excewss, teachers who smoke saying don’t smoke, etc.)

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    That’ll be it. I had a feeling it was something general studiesy but we didn’t do that. I vaguely remember PHSE. Much good that did…