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The leadership and I Jan 13

I’ve not really blogged about the LibDem leadership election yet. I will do so over the coming weeks, so in advance I’m laying down my ground rules:

  1. I’m not going to start jumping up and down for anyone yet. Already too many people (MPs and bloggers) seem to have leapt on the first candidate they saw, declared support before the line-up was clear and then been left wondering if they wouldn’t prefer someone else. Until we’re a bit nearer the nominations deadline and we can be fairly sure who all the candidates are on what platforms they’re standing, I won’t be installing a big – say – “Vote Huhne” banner.
  2. The election will be by alternative vote. Therefore, I encourage the use of additional preferences if you have a vote in this election and if I endorse someone it will be as a first choice and not a statement that all of the other candidates are rubbish.
  3. Installing a bloodied leader won’t help the party. I will express policy disagreement with some candidates, and I’ll criticise their campaigns where appropriate, but I won’t aim to rip them apart in the hope of helping my preferred candidate(s). If and when I choose to endorse someone, I’ll aim to focus on why they should be leader and not why the others shouldn’t. I won’t be taking chunks out of a candidate whom I don’t support if there’s the possibility that he will be leader in seven weeks’ time.
  4. Obviously, therefore, point 3 doesn’t apply to Oaten.

5 Responses

  1. 1

    I dont know what to think of the Lib Dems anymore. I agreed with a lot of their policies and stances but after the way Charles Kennedy was stabbed in the back I wonder about the next leader. Will he go the same way?

  2. I don’t think Charles was stabbed in the back at all. He lost the confidence of a lot of his senior colleagues – and I don’t it’s the parliamentary use of “confidence” that applies here, it’s the everyday use. Once you hear about that, whether you are the groupleader on a small council or the leader of a national party, you should resign.

    And they didn’t lose confidence in him because they are all powerhungry egomaniacs…

  3. 3

    I’m delighted about point 4 anyway!

    as for chris black.. do the plotters come out of it any better than CK? It was a public relations disaster and we need to move on. I just hope the new leader has private inquiry into why so many senior collegues thought CK’s problem not that bad until david cameroon spooked everyone. And then why proper proceedures weren’t used rather than 5 weeks of anon character assination. You don’t need to be a 100% CK loyalist to feel the whole thing stank slightly.

  4. 4

    More or less my rule (on not taking chunks out of possible leaders). Still I am fairly sure I know which way my first preference will be going.

  5. 5

    I’ve made up my mind sooner than expected. Will update you all soon 🙂