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Did Bob Neill read what he signed? Jun 23

That’s the question spreading its way through teh internets this afternoon.

Bob Neill, already employed in various jobs and seeking to become Tory MP for Bromley & Chislehurst, is a board member of the North East London Strategic Health Authority (and you’re right, Bromley isn’t in North East London – well spotted).

According the Part III of Schedule 1 to the House of Commons Disqualification Act 1975, among the “Other Disqualifying Offices” which would prevent one taking a seat in the House of Commons are:

Chairman or any member, not being also an employee, of any [Strategic Health Authority,] Health Authority or Special Health Authority which is a relevant authority for the purposes of paragraph 9(1) of Schedule 5 to the National Health Service Act 1977.

So this is one job from which Bob would have to resign if elected by the good people of Bromley.

It does prompt a big question though, as raised by the Monkey. When Neill signed his nomination paper to stand in the by-election, did he have to certify that he was not covered by the provisions of the 1975 Act at the time of signing? Perhaps someone who knows about these administrative matters can get to the bottom of it.

(Via Rob.)

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