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My first political memory Nov 20

How’s this for tag lag? Lynne Featherstone tagged me with this meme 14 months ago. Better late than never – and there’s nothing like a meme to get me blogging.

My first political memory was probably from November 1990. (I definitely helped deliver leaflets in an election prior to 1997 but I don’t know if it was 1987 or 1992 – or, I suppose, whether it was a general election at all.)

I was in my first year of secondary school when Margaret Thatcher was seriously challenged for the leadership of the Conservative Party. What with her being PM – not to mention the area being quite Tory – it was a big deal and I remember us discussing it in one of our lessons.

Knowing pretty much nothing about politics, I was convinced that she would win. This was probably a symptom of having lived my entire life under her premiership.

Time makes fools of us all.

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