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Learning from the leadership election Mar 02

LibDem web geeks may interested in this LibDems Online fringe at party conference at 8pm on Saturday night:

Mark Pack and Martin Tod will discuss what we can learn from e-campaigns run during the leadership elections. All three campaigns are already working together to share what they’ve learnt and ensure that we use what we’ve learnt in future Lib Dem campaigning.

Since Martin‘s candidate was the winner (and the campaign website was very good), his experience will be worth hearing, as will those of Richard Huzzey of Bloggers4Chris, and Rob Fenwick, Simon Hughes‘s webmaster, who won’t be there is person but has sent his thoughts.

More details on FlockTogether.

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  1. […] PS The Liberal Democrats membership are very active bloggers. For their reaction to the result, go to this aggregating site and take your pick. As this entry on the well named “No Geek is an Island” site details, they are already planning a get together to see what campaigning lessons can be learned from the various e-campaigning techniques used during the leadership contest. […]