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Edinburgh: Day 15 Aug 18

Not only does the Edinburgh Fringe operate in a different time zone from the rest of the country, it also bends spacetime itself. Without the anchors of news, television and office life and with the same shows running daily, it’s very easy to lose track of which day it is. And where you are. And who you are. And why.

Amused Moose flyerI’ve had to remind myself what I did yesterday by looking at my calendar. I may have left my brain on the Royal Mile. Right now, it’s probably being juggled with an apple and a football to an audience of intense indifference.

After our show (nice once again), I hotfooted it over to the Pleasance Dome to do the Amused Moose Comedy Awards Showcase. After two weeks of doing a long set almost daily, it was a bit weird going back to a tight five minutes, but it was nice to get the chance to see a range of other stand-ups I’d never seen before, including Zoe Lyons, Sy Thomas and BBC New Comedy Award winner Angela Barnes.

The main event of the day was another one-off (ish) event: the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society. Hosted and curated by John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck, it was a entertainingly random as that combination suggests.

Redacted ScrabbleHighlights included Tom Bell’s interrupted storytelling, Marcel Lucont morphing into Alexis Dubus, Isy Suttie’s bizarre songs, Joe Lycett’s rubbish American comedian John Roast, and the unique Tony Law. Meanwhile, Michael and I were provided with a redacted Scrabble set for additional entertainment during the evening.

Oh! Wait! I have forgotten something important. Something that happened right at the beginning of the day.

This from

Though I had uncertainty as to whether this show would be an extremely diminished reinterpretation of a Dean Martin event, or some kind of bizarre Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall-esque feat of comedic contortionism – Three Man Roast turns out to be an extremely solid compendium of nerd-centric standup by Alex Holland, Will Howells and Dan McKee.

We are now officially a four-star show. w00t!

What I learnt today: The ASCII code for a star is 9733. As in ★★★★

Recommended show: The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society at 11pm on Tuesday 23rd August.

Obligatory plug: I’m in Three Man Roast, 2.35pm weekdays and Saturday 20th at Finnegan’s Wake on Victoria Street – free entry. Also at Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret at 9pm on Sunday 21st at The Three Sisters (that’s free entry too).

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