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Edinburgh: Day 17 Aug 20

Another day off from seeing shows was quite refreshing.

It was nice catching up with Dave for a while after Three Man Roast, before heading off to the gym. My ankle was giving me a bit a gyp so I pathetically switched from heading to the gym to heading back to the flat – actually to write yesterday’s blog post, but if I start referencing the writing of blog posts in these blog posts, it’ll all get a bit meta, and dangerously Tristram Shandy.

A defining feature of my previous Fringe trips over the last decade has been resorting to all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets (and specifically the now defunct institution on South Bridge) for quick and easy meals. I’m quite glad that I’ve been eating well enough that it’s taken 17 days to reach that point but I did cave last night and stuffed my face with aplomb (shredded and deep fried).

Then I went to bed.

Then I got up and signed up for online Countdown. Well, not Countdown. Apterous. Although some might say it’s a bit like Countdown.

I played a few games. I lost them all but a couple I might’ve won if only for not having got used to the screens for entering my numbers and conundrum answers.

Already I’m concerned that it could be dangerously addictive.

What I learnt today: You can replay old games of Countdown online as if against genuine contestants.

Recommended show: Amused Moose Laugh Off Final 2011

Obligatory plug: I’m in Three Man Roast (★★★★ –, 2.35pm weekdays and Saturday 20th at Finnegan’s Wake on Victoria Street – free entry. Also at Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret at 9pm on Sunday 21st at The Three Sisters (that’s free entry too).

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