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Edinburgh: Day 2 Aug 06

Day 2 was Day 1 for our show.

The paid shows tend to spend a couple of days doing cheaper previews while the performers settle into their venue, sort out their teching, etc. Free shows are warming up in the same way but because we’re already free, we can’t, except in a pedantic mathematical way, be half price.

Our plan, though, was to treat the first show as a bit of a run-through. We wouldn’t go flyering and while it would be nice to have an audience (no peering over a gift horse’s equine mandible here), we didn’t expect one. It would be a bit rough around the edges.

Turns out we were half-full and had a reviewer in. Pretty sure there’s a moral there.

Our venue is surprisingly nice. When we were bidding for a room, I was just hoping for somewhere that didn’t look like a body would be found walled up there in Jonathan Creek. We’re at the back of a pub and I was anticipating a heavy curtain separating us from the bar. In fact we’ve got a proper room with a stage and spotlights and doors and that. The pub itself is recently refurbished and the bar staff have all been really helpful.

The first show was a bit rusty then but there were plenty of laughs and I think this whole thing may actually work.

What I learnt today: Always be prepared. Dib dib dib.

Recommended shows: John-Luke Roberts and Nadia Kamil: The Behemoth and Humphrey Ker is Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher!

Obligatory plug: I’m in Three Man Roast, 2.35pm weekdays and Saturday 20th at Finnegan’s Wake on Victoria Street – free entry. Also at the Amused Moose Comedy Awards Showcase at the Pleasance Dome, 4pm on August 17th (book online).

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    DYB DYB DYB it stands for “Do your best”. The acroynm was done away with in the 60s and they now say “Cubs, Do your best!” 🙂