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DDC highlights (9) Oct 20

Believe it or not, I was asked at the recent Scottish blogmeet by a fan of the irregular Dewey Decimal updates on this blog if we weren’t overdue for a new post. Well, fans of three digit numbers optionally followed by a decimal point and more digits, you’re in luck today!

There’s plenty of source material from here, here, here, here, here and indeed here, so let’s get started with a bumper selection.

  • The Democrats retaking Congress: American Dream – 306.0973
  • Most delicious number: Bakeries – 664.752
  • What top-up fees don’t help: First-generation college students – 378.1982
  • “And then it hurt a bit more, but then it hurt a bit less”: Headache patients’ writings – 808.89207
  • New word for your vocabulary: Txalaparta – 786.843
  • “My name? J. R. Hartley”: Streamer fly fishing – 799.124
  • Most like a Doctor Who book: Father Time (Symbolic character) – 398.33
  • Inking about inking: Tattooing in literature – 808.803559
  • John Reid’s wet dream: Youth curfews – 364.4
  • **Most “I’m Spartacus” number: Chariot racing in literature – 808.803579
  • Soap operas, basically: Interpersonal relations on television – 791.456552
  • Sportiest number: Strikes and lockouts—Hockey – 331.89281796962
  • A big one for Julia Goldsworthy: Moor (Falmouth, England) – 711.55220942378
  • “I buy it for the crossword, dear”: Women athletes in literature – 808.803579
  • New word for your vocabulary: Klebsormidiales – 579.83
  • Number you have to get permission to protest in: Parliament Square (London, England) – 711.550942132
  • “Is that an original Diebold?”: Voting-machines in art – 704.94932465
  • Kids getting high: Adolescent psychopharmacology – 615.780835
  • Yes, Muffin, I’m sorry too“: Muffin the Mule (Fictitious character) – 791.4572
  • Readers of this blog: John Q. Public (Symbolic character) – 306
  • Funniest number: Satire, Colombian – 867.00809861
  • Most comical number: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Fictitious characters) – 741.5942
  • Where the rangers come from: Sloane Square (London, England) – 711.550942134
  • Where the rangers come from: Spermatozoa–Physiology – 571.8451
  • People who don’t pay enough attention to the Dewey Decimal System (“That means you, McFly*!”): Slackers – 174
  • Long number: Caregivers’ writings – 808.899213620425

** Update: It has been pointed out to me by a local Smartacus that I perhaps meant Ben Hur. And perhaps I did. Alas, I seem to have mislaid my collection of Charlton Heston’s back catalogue. 🙂

*Not the band

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