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When proverbs attack Oct 24

Today’s proverb: “A watched pot never boils.”

Frying tonight. Turkey it was. Only 9 minutes, in theory, so I needed to put the potatoes on first. Boiled the kettle, while heating a little water in the saucepan in preparation for a steaming. Waited, and waited.

And waited.

Eventually I noticed that the red light that indicates when hob is on wasn’t. Turns out the breaker had tripped. Reset it and set about cooking dinner.

Fortunately the turkey was just done and the potatoes suitably cooked when the fuse blew. I didn’t noticed initially until I began to question why the vegetables weren’t coming back to the boil. The fuse box turned out to be hotter than the peas.

There is, I’m afraid, no helpful moral to this beyond not having shonky electrics.

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    Spooky coincidence ahoy. Last night, while trying to defrost some chicken, our microwave blew the fuse in the extension lead it is plugged into. Of course, I noticed this rather quickly since it stopped making a noise and the light went out.

    And if that weren’t drama enough, the kitchen light bulb blew just a couple of days ago.

    I smell a conspiracy…