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Catch-up May 22

Bit of stream of consciousness listy catchup.

  • Enjoyed Eurovision. Went to a fun bash in Lewisham. Not too keen on the winning song but the outcomes were mostly fair despite the predictability (due to shared cultural backgrounds of different countries, natch) of some of the voting.
  • Busy busy busy last week. Helped Andrew set up running blog here. Sponsor him online.
  • Sprained my ankle. Grr.
  • On Thursday, I was shooting video at a LibDem reception for IDAHO day. You can see some of Stephen Williams’ remarks on YouTube here.
  • A day off on Friday – yay! Waited in for cable repair man. Had a slot somewhere between 8am and 1pm – he turned up after 2pm. Lucky I took the whole day off… Finally have cable again, but reckon the guy who came around a week earlier could have fixed it.
  • Followed the Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill debate on BBC Parliament (Freeview) while I waited. A shameful Bill pushed through mostly by Labour MPs (including many on the payroll vote), although introduced by a Tory. New online campaign against it at:
  • With cable back, caught up on The Apprentice.
  • Also with cable back, and therefore broadband restored, got slightly addicted to online Scrabble. My username is whouk if you fancy a game.
  • Went to see Magicians and John Shuttleworth on Saturday, both of which I enjoyed although wasn’t bowled over by either. My brother texted to warn me not to see 28 Weeks Later.
  • Have been spending too much on eBay.
  • Followed a very nice birthday lunch on Sunday with more online scrabble, this week’s Doctor Who (fairly good) and gentle trip to Sam Smiths pub.
  • Sad about Cutty Sark. Contribute to the restoration here.
  • WordPress 2.2 is out. Will upgrade soon.

One Response

  1. I discovered online scrabble last week, as well! Completely addictive, am still rubbish, will publish my user name when I’ve started winning some games!