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DDC highlights (5) Feb 10

It’s that time again, so buckle in: selected numbers from the latest Dewey Decimal subject mappings.

  • Longest number: King Bladud (Legendary character) – 398.20936239802
  • As close to being about the leadership election as I could get: Neoliberalism – 320.51
  • But MPs’ private lives are private: Condom use – 613.9435
  • Number closest to ITV1’s Saturday night line-up: Figure skaters – 796.912092
  • And “spree” is such a nice-sounding word: Spree murderers – 364.1523092
  • But the rat came back the very next day, the rat came back, they thought he was a goner but the rat came back, he just wouldn’t stay away: Rodenticide resistance – 632.951
  • Most unexpected number: Surprise birthday parties – 793.2
  • Whatever Happened to Scabies Pain?: Diseases in motion pictures – 791.436561
  • Most vocabulary-expanding number: Rhombencephalon – 573.86
  • Most poetic number and most South American: Ecuadorian Haiku – 861.041089866
  • Number I’ve been to most often: King’s Cross Station (London, England) – 385.3140942142
  • Watch out – books!: Libraries–Risk management – 025.11
  • Go out with a bang: Pyrotechnists – 662.1092

More bad “diseases in motion pictures” puns are, of course, welcomed.

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