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DDC highlights (4) Feb 02

As the theme tune to Enterprise (spit) says, it’s been a long time. But now, my friends, it returns: the best bits from the latest Dewey Decimal subject mappings.

  • Longest number: Segedunum Roman Fort Site (Wallsend, England) – 623.19362879
  • Geekiest number: Reverse mathematics – 511.3
  • What the Tories do want/don’t want/who knows for the public services – Creative destruction 338.9
  • Down with the kids: Electric guitar music (Rock) – 787.87166
  • Most OCD number: Compulsive washing – 616.85227
  • Huh? number: Grammar, Comparative and general–Clusivity – 415
  • For men of a certain taste: Women scientists in motion pictures – 791.4366

3 Responses

  1. 1

    I hope DCC 5 will be on the lib dem leadership election? also don’t knock enterprise or i’ll come up to scotland and put your windows in.

  2. 2

    I’ve been to Segedunum. If only then I’d realised the huge significance of the site, rather than thinking it was just the site of a Roman Fort.

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