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By the sea Sep 17

Here I am again on the seafront, waiting this morning for the conference centre to open so I can, erm, go on teh internets. (And having written this on the seafront I have time travelled forward through the magic of waiting and am now editing it in the conference centre.)

Have just stuffed my face with a farmhouse breakfast, putting to rest any lingering after effects from last night. After a couple of trips to the LDYS Race Night, punctuated by popping out for chips, I enjoyed a couple more pints in the hotel bar. Then we went on to a mod club at the Royal Pavilion Tavern, where I switched to alcopops, danced a bit and sat at a table free associating (not on my own, you understand). There was too much soul music for my liking, but I deigned to swing my pants for The Jam, The Beatles and The Clash. Annoyingly, the venue’s “classic” indie night is on Fridays, so no chance to go this week.

Light agenda for today. Will pop along to the Liberal Democrats Online AGM at lunchtime. The highlight of today is, of course, the Bloggers’ Reception, featuring the eagerly anticipated Blog of the Year Award. (I ran into deservingly shortlisted blogger Stephen Tall on the beach last night, and Alex Wilcock in the bar who reported that Millennium Elephant was having a quiet night in. I have my doubts he would have got served in the bar anyway. But I digress.)

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