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Last weekend Apr 07

As alluded to earlier, I was in London at the weekend. Long train journey down and a long train journey back.

BlackheathDelivered hundreds and hundreds of leaflets, visited Blackheath (right) and had a great time at a quiz night run by Lewisham LibDems. The weather was “changeable” – sunny one minute, spitting with rain the next. Sadly it was raining a little which stopped me taking a photo with my phone of a van I saw covered with grocers apostrophe’s: it was advertising work on “Lock’s, door’s, kitchen’s” etc.

On Sunday afternoon, while finishing a delivery round, I got caught in such a torrential downpour that I got completely soaked through. I don’t think I’ve ever been so wet – not fully clothed anyway. With no spare trousers or shoes – and my trainers in particular were drenched – I decided to spend an extra night in London to let my things dry out, as preferable to spending 8 hours travelling in dampness. Monday was a write-off, then, with most of the day spent on a crammed service north.

Despite consuming a fair amount of alcohol over the weekend, I did feel virtuous from all the leafleting and walking, so, as it’s a bank holiday in Edinburgh on Monday, I’m flying back down to the smoke tomorrow to dispense more leaflets.

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  1. […] My heart went out to unseen canvassers of all of the political parties who must be out on the beat on a Sunday afternoon so close to polling day. Poor Will was drenched last weekend. The things we do to support those who wish to become pillars of a society that no longer has much use for pillars. […]