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Buy a new identity on eBay Apr 06

Roll up! Roll up! British identity for sale! Get ’em while they’re hot!

I am selling/leasing my British identity to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, the buyer will only own it for a limited period of time (probably will expire sometime after 2008) as the UK government will be nationalising it at that point and placing all details of the said identity onto a national database, for which privilege the owner will have to pay an exhorbitant fee.

Half of all proceeds from the sale will go to, the remainder will be used to get a new identity

Best before 2008.

(You can use eBay’s “Watch this item” functionality to see how much it goes for.)

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    Tim Worstall (via Trackback)

    Buying and Selling Identity

    This lot of vote stealers, they’ll nationalize anything. Thus, the sale of a UK ID before said nationalization. On e-Bay. Or rather, was, before the auction was halted. Bastards. Via Blood and Treasure and No Geek is an Island.