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New (tax) year’s resolutions Apr 06

As today is both the second anniversary of this blog and the first day of the new tax year, I’ve decided to make more an effort to improve my lifestyle, with the aim of making myself healthier and wealthier.

  • First off, no more Twixes. I’ve got into a bad habit of buying a Twix at Haymarket in the evening if I feel peckish. No more. That’s 286 calories and 48p saved each time (65p for a King Size).
  • Start exercising again. Target: an hour a week in total on the exercise bike.
  • Walk more at weekends. Go out of the house at least once, rather than vegetating in front of the TV. Even if Doctor Who is on.
  • Cut down on bottled water, although continue to replace snacks with water. Instead, fill a bottle with water from a tap. Potential saving of over £100 a year.
  • When it’s a bit warmer, walk up Arthur’s Seat.
  • Eat more fruit.
  • Deliver more LibDem leaflets.

I’ve also applied for a short course in Mandarin, as you do.

5 Responses

  1. Mmmmm, Twixes.
    There are any empty wrappers on my desk at the moment, honest!

  2. Hmm, must proof read all comments before posting.
    Should have read

    Mmmmm, Twixes.
    There aren’t any empty wrappers on my desk at the moment, honest!

  3. 3

    Cadburys double deckers wreck the vending machine here.

  4. 4

    48p for a Twix?

    Good grief, I’m showing my age, but I remember when they were about 20p.

    Funny, not had one in ages. Always felt they had a very slight – onlythereifyoulookjusttothesideofit – minty taste. Same with marsbars.

    Now, choc bar of choice has to be a Topic. Smaller, but oh so much more yummy.

  5. 5

    It will never last.