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My figure in three figures Jun 29

I’ve just been on the weighing machine at the Co-op. It helpfully displayed my mass in both imperial and metric, and as it did so the kilogram total flickered from 99 to 100. I was mortified. I’ve been trying (OK, not very hard) to lose weight, and 99kg was the absolute upper limit I’d set myself.

I have been much more active recently, what with the elections and moving house, but my work has become increasingly sedentary. When I first started working at the Library, I was active all day. After a year or so, my job changed and I was only active in the mornings, with a desk job in the afternoons. Currently I’m on secondment from my previously active morning job to a project (which is stimulating and I’ve learnt a great deal from) that is mostly computer-based.

My new strategy (which differs little from my old strategy) is to do more exercise. Now I live on the top floor, I’ll do more stair-climbing. Additionally:

  • Walk to and from work and to and from the city centre without catching a bus.
  • Buy an umbrella to facilitate the above when raining.
  • Spontaneously go for walks around the block. (This should also help boost my CNPS score*.)
  • Try to limit myself to one lunch a day
  • Drink less coke and more water. Although the litre bottle of coke in front of me needs finishing first.
  • Get out delivering more political literature.

I’ll check back in a week or two and see how much I’ve lost…

*Like Job I held firm in adversity and was rewarded with a 25 after weeks of waiting. Albeit minutes after the CNPS gods taunted me with a 26 and a 27.

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