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Who LibDems Feb 08

The leadership election has spawned lots of new blogs, which is to be welcomed, and I hope these new bloggers keep it up once the election is over.

I discovered three blogs (either new, or new to me) over the weekend which seemed to be from that large intersection between LibDems and Doctor Who fans. Alex Wilcock and Aidan Brack both fit the bill. I have no idea if Andrew Hinton is a fan, but it would be interesting to know how he came upon his URL if he isn’t…

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  1. Thanks, and nice to know I’ve been spotted by someone I regularly read 😉

    Interesting tips on the other two, too. So what’s your excuse, without a name beginning with ‘A’? Must be a case of where there’s a ‘Wil…’ Ahem, sorry for the awful pun.

    I’ve been threatening to do a blog for ages, and the leadership election didn’t exactly ‘spawn’ it, though I suppose that by raising my blood pressure it helped; if anything, it was deciding I wanted to have a go at two of the non-Lib Demmers on last week’s Question Time. Unlike every other Lib Dem blogger, it seems, I’m still uncommitted to any particular candidate, too…

  2. You forgot to mention the blog of a certain Leeds councillor. Although, personally I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t call it “Morton Hacks It” 🙂

  3. 3

    I didn’t forget him, I just wasn’t sure he’d go so far as to wear the label 😉

  4. 4

    PS: If he was a fan, it should be called “Morton Dill”.

  5. Oh wow – my first proper reference on another person’s blog. *grins*

    So you know I’m GalapagosTortoise if you are on Outpost Gallifrey. I’ve been LJing for a while but decided to make the switch to Blogger to discuss politics in a forum away from my personal life.

    Oh – and the crucial information:
    Favourite story – Father’s Day/Marco Polo
    Favourite Doctor – Either Billy or Pat; I think Pat’s portrayal is more charming and loveable but I’m increasingly getting a soft spot for Billy
    Favourite companion – Stephen Taylor as Peter Purves has so many wonderful moments in the series.

    Thanks for the publicity, nice to discover your blog too.

  6. 6

    Right – anyone want to start the ‘David Tennant for leader’ write-in campaign? Or are we just going to lobby the BBC to cast John Thurso as the Brigadier?

  7. 7
    Bob Terwilliger 

    Hmm, this is intriguing. I wonder what common interest connects Doctor Who fans and Liberal Democrats.

    Could it be that their biggest star looks like Shirley Williams, they both had their best result for years in 2005, and secretly enjoy crap?