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Walking for Willie Feb 08

I managed to get up to Inverkeithing on Saturday to deliver some leaflets for the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election. It was my first time travelling over the Forth Bridge. There was so much mist over the Forth that all you could see on either site was whiteness and the Forth Road Bridge rising up through it on the left – it felt like the train was travelling through the clouds. Several people in my carriage whipped out their cameraphones.

The HQ was very busy and I ran into people I knew as soon as I arrived. The areas I delivered – on my own, on foot – were particularly nice, and only a little hilly. Although there were some houses with steps to the front doors, the driveways weren’t too long, there weren’t any entryphone flats, and the letterboxes were not, for a change, troublesome. I noticed that none of the houses had window posters for any of the candidates. I did my good deed for the day (if you don’t count delivery) by knocking on one door to alert the owner that his car lights were on. See, LibDems are nice.

There were various councillors and parliamentarians around the HQ. One MP had spotted a headline in a Tory leaflet – “Dignity for Older People” – and quipped: “Isn’t that the new name for the Voluntary Euthanasia Society“?

After a meeting, I headed to a pub quiz fundraiser organised by Edinburgh West LibDems. Excellent fun. My timeteam came second thanks to particular success on film quotes and celebrities (the shame), and I also won, for a change, on the raffle.

If you can, please head along and help Willie Rennie win the by-election – polling day is tomorrow!

3 Responses

  1. I can assure you there are Rennie posters up in a number of windows, far more than for the other candidates. Clearly you just had a very bad walk for seeing any.

    It was good to see you there even if I was a little dazed when I walked into the coffee lounge.

    I think using a ‘time’ machine to cheat at a pub quiz is a little much even for a fellow Lib Dem Dr Who fan.

  2. 2

    Erm, oops.

  3. Time machine, or a Bridge to the Future?