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7 reasons not to have citizenship ceremonies at 18 Jan 20

Charles Clarke likes the idea of citizenship ceremonies when young people turn 18. And why not? Well…

  1. Although 18 is the mimimum voting age, you can leave home and school at 16.
  2. Most British nationals are citizens from birth.
  3. Except we’re still subjects rather than citizens.
  4. Young people travelling abroad require their own passport from 16 and the new ID cards are intended for those 16 and over.
  5. It’s a news-catching gimmick that doesn’t tackle the root cause of the social problems it is attempting to solve.
  6. The ceremonies are voluntary and therefore won’t attract those un-civic youths the Home Secretary thinks will be transformed into model citizens.
  7. It reinforces to under-18s the idea that because they can’t vote they aren’t citizens and that politicians can happily ignore them.

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