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More on citizenship Jan 20

Comments are down, so an email from Simon:

> 3. Except we’re still subjects rather than citizens.

Is untrue as we ceased to be subjects in 1983 under the British Nationality act of 1981.

Simon is right that we are legally citizens; serves me right for repeating a hackneyed old comment. But we are still subjects of HM too.

The British National Act 1981 does, though, serve to reinforce my reason #2 with its very first clauses:

(1) A person born in the United Kingdom after commencement, or in a qualifying territory on or after the appointed day, shall be a British citizen if at the time of the birth his father or mother is–

(a) a British citizen; or

(b) settled in the United Kingdom or that territory.

That said, these may be more like Australian style “affirmation” ceremonies. So you don’t actually get anything out of it except perhaps a “Well done, you got to 18” certificate and some cheese and pineapple nibbles.

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