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The cat in the hat Aug 05

A while ago, I mentioned that I’d been an extra in a music video. Said video (which the faint-hearted should be warned contains some men in drag) is now online: High bandwidth / Low bandwidth. I crop up a few times in the audience and am easily identified thanks to my much-derided flat cap.

Nostalgia screen grab" Nostalgia screen grab"

The excellent track is called Nostalgia and is by the Readers Wifes featuring Justin Bond. You can buy it from Amazon and HMV.

3 Responses

  1. 1

    its the best cameo since Neil Kinnock was in that tracey ulman video. a triumph!

  2. 2
    Dan H 

    I was at the shoot too but was clearly edited out *stomps off in hissy fit*

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