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A Pop Culture Shopping List Apr 11

Leeds was like a ghost town this afternoon. Most of the shops were closed – annoying as I wanted to pick up a copy of the Franz Ferdinand album. Been watching a lot of music TV – most The Amp – this weekend and now the tunes in my head are like an Xfm playlist. The new FF single Matinee has grown on me very quickly. I’m also inclined towards In the Shadows by The Rasmus, although their lead singer (along with most of their fans in the video) needs to get a haircut and lay off the mascara. I’m also favouring Take Your Mama by the Scissor Sisters, whose lead singer appears to be Timothy Claypole off of Rentaghost.

Finished watching the second series Babylon 5 DVDs. Some really good episodes – The Long, Twilight Struggle was a particularly laudable one that I had forgotten. Already cracked open the third series.

Also finished off the third disc of Blake’s 7 series one. That’s another series which doesn’t have the apostrophe on screen – bit torn about whether to use it. (These things are important.) Speaking of which, I’m also now three episodes into the first series of Footballers Wives. Unfortunately, there are some annoying, “serious” characters who will, apparently, be with us until the end of the second series. Donna and Ian in particularly should Go Away.

Sadly, I have only managed one episode of Bugs this weekend. As well as Footballers Wives’ Jesse Birdseed, the episode in question also featured John Leeson from the Blakes 7 episode Duel. No-one from Babylon 5 was in it, although one B5 episode I watched this weekend did feature Father Ted’s Bishop Brennan as an alien doctor.

Now, who said I wasn’t cultured?

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