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The Fall of Centauri Prime Feb 27

I’ve been watching Babylon 5 from the beginning on DVD and have reached the (excellent, I recall) fifth season episode The Fall of Centauri Prime. However, the Region 2 release is missing the pre-title sequence, a pretty vital component as it pays off the cliffhanger from the previous episode and sets up the following scene.

Trawling the net, I found that other people have reported this problem with the UK and Australian releases. It seems that three minutes were cut from the episode in a ham-fisted attempt to remove the “Previous on Babylon 5” sequence. No news yet of Warner making replacement discs available.

This is the second disappointment on “The Complete Fifth Season” set (aside from some of the actual episode content). The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father when originally broadcast had a specially produced Psi Corps title sequence which has been replaced by the standard titles on the Region 2 release. The titles have been remastered once for each season and then put on all the episode of that season, regardless of any variations present in the original broadcast.

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