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Gratuitous spite against our nation’s comics Feb 28

The plan last night was to watch all four hours of The 100 Greatest Cartoons on Channel 4. Due to a scheduling malfunction, I found myself watching The Top 100 Ugliest Comedians.

For anyone who didn’t stay up until midnight, here are the top 5.

5. Justin Lee Collins*
Yeah, the guy off Xfm.

4. Paul Tonkinson
Used to be on The Sunday Show if you remember that.

3. Rob Deering
Pork scratchings, anyone?

2. Simon Donald*
Like Simon Pegg but with all the bits of his face in the wrong place.

1. Rob Rouse
Irritating member of the Friday Night Project gang. He’s the raddled one at the very front.

Your mileage may vary (ugliness is in the eye of the beholder after all), but you have to imagine them dumbly singing cartoon theme tunes and making twenty-year-old comments about Cheetara for the full effect.

I am of course not say that I look great myself. That’s for other people to say.

*May not technically be a comedian, but Chicken Run isn’t technically a cartoon.

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