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Large Hadron Collider song remixed Sep 26

I couldn’t let it lie. Having recorded my Large Hadron Collider Song the other day, I wondered if I could take advantage of my lovely Zoom H2recorder to up the production values a bit. Separating singing and playing the ukulele also meant I could do the latter marginally better – my inability to multitask different rhythms is why I could never be a pianist.

So, with nothing better to do this morning, I re-recorded the song with a more syncopated ukulele track. I added in some vocals – 12 rather than 40 voices – and then decided to fill the music out a bit with a guitar line (actually two tracks in the end). The guitar and the uke tuning weren’t quite together so I ended up lowering the pitch of the ukulele track by a semitone. What a cheat.

In case you can’t make out the words, I’ve published a Google Doc with the lyrics and chords.

Anyhoo, for your listening pleasure…

One Response

  1. Let’s see if I’ve got this all. Particle physics, general nerd awesomeness and ukuleles. Yup, what we’ve got here is a winner! Rad song! I just found your site so now I’m hoping there are more Ukulele ditties hidden away on here somewhere? Please say yes!