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The Windows 7 Party Song Sep 28

Many of you will have seen Microsoft’s achingly cringeworthy video encouraging people to hold Windows 7 launch parties. It really is jaw-droppingly awful. But wait! Don’t go and watch that. I haz written a Windows 7 launch party song especially for you. And here it is.

In the unlikely event that you want to play it yourself – or the more likely event that you can’t make out the lyrics – you can read the chords and lyrics here.

3 Responses

  1. 1
    Mark Pack 

    “Genius” is the word for it. Probably 🙂

    PS Hope the cake’s chocolate.

  2. What a lovely song… I almost want to go to your Windows 7 party. But I’ve already been invited to this amazing “whites-only” Windows 7 party at an undisclosed location in Iowa.

  3. 3

    Could you please give me some instructions on how to have a party to introduce people to this song?