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Look! It’s me! On the telly! Jul 22

Thanks to Chris Edwards for these photos of me on TV yesterday. Once I’ve got hold of a copy of the show (I’ve not seen it yet!), I’ll post up some screen grabs.

If I look moody, it’s because I was concentrating really hard…

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    seriously??? i mean do you have nothing better to do with your life but this? i mean hey the only reason im writing this comment is because im in a boring media lesson, not because im a 30 something guy who has nothing better to do than create a website, including the quizshows hes been on, and pictures of him on teh quiz show. And also if you are going to have a list of the quiz shows then atleast make it an impressive one. Gawd its people like you that jam the internet up with things that can only be described as pure crap. and if you read this, then seriously how much time do you have on your hands?