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And also smoking Mar 23

Another smoking-related incident, which I omitted to mention in my previous post. On the way in to Haymarket station, I was handed a card advertising a “smoking cessation” service. This card apparently entitles me to £20 off my first session, which made me wonder how expensive a session must be if they can afford to knock £20 quid off the price. A check on the website tells me that the usual price is £220! Maybe that’s a good deal if you’re currently buying several packets of fags a week. We can add quit smoking services to signwriters as an industry that will benefit from the ban.

I also received an email yesterday advertising a sports centre and telling me that:

New legislation requires everyone to stop smoking in enclosed places.
As an alternative to smoking why not try exercise.

Yes, instead of stepping outside for five minutes to have a ciggie, why not travel across the city to the sports centre for some circuit training. In other news:

New legislation requires everyone to stop glorifying terrorism.
As an alternative to glorifying terrorism why not try knitting.

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    Knitting requires an element of concentration.