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Conferencing II Mar 04

Hello from snowy Harrogate. Despite the weather, I arrived only an hour later than intended yesterday afternoon and had a chance to watch Deal or No Deal before heading to the conference centre.

Rather than attend the Meeting the Challenge and Meet the New Leader session, which I correctly predicted was standing room only, I went straight to the bar, and from there to the pub, and from there for a curry. An excellent conference evening catching up with various LibDems I’d not seen for ages.

I went to the Post Office debate this morning. When I read the conference agenda, I thought “interesting motion” and not much more. Reading the papers yesterday, I discovered that apparently it’s a controversial motion and the party is split on it. So, I went along. There were some good speeches – Chris Huhne got a long, loud round of applause when he arrived on stage to speak in favour – and the motion was passed overwhelmingly.

Then to breakfast, and back to the conference centre for fringes – all of which were packed full. So we headed back into town. I’m now back in the conference centre, which is much warmer than outside.

Before I go, here’s a photo of Advocates Close in Edinburgh yesterday morning. I’d popped into the National Library, at which point it was snowing very lightly. When I emerged half an hour later, nearly a centimetre of snow had fallen, and it was continuing to fall heavily.

Advocates Close

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