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I’ll explain later Mar 27

Well, it really was Doctor Who, wasn’t it? And it seemed to manage the difficult task of trying to fit a story around all the necessary introductions. Next week (and wasn’t the teaser enticing? I want to watch it now!) will in many ways, I suspect, be more indicative of how the show will work from week to week.

The documentary earlier in BBC One had loads of clips that looked really impressive.

No time for a full review now. Hopefully the video at home will have taped the show so I can watch it again and come to a proper judgement. I watched it last night in a pub with a load of other fans (including several of the new series writers) after a few drinks, so a more sober viewing is in order. But I expect to do that and still think it was very good.

In the mean time, you can read Nick’s review.

(An off-the-wall post script: Does anyone else think Russell T. Davies sounds like Chris Rennard?)

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