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Edinburgh: Day 19 Aug 22

An early morning (Fringe time) trip to the gym engendered a delightful sheen of sweaty smugness and a calorie deficit that excused a massive Sunday roast.

Our show isn’t on Sundays so I took my last opportunity to catch The 90s in Half an Hour by Marc Burrows. Turns out that I was right and the 1990s were brilliant. But then I was always going to enjoy a show whose audience walk-in music included Suede’s Filmstar and Sleeper’s Inbetweener (a lyric from which was a chapter title in a Paul Cornell Doctor Who book, if I recall).

I have seen the Beta Males performing sketches on several occasions but only ever three of them, so their show The Train Job was my first time experiencing their full complement of four. It was worth it.

Look, I’m not writing reviews. I’m doing a show and it’s weird to review other shows. But the Beta Males were very funny. That is all I’m saying.

The evening saw my return to Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret. Tricity was having a day off so the show was ably hosted by accordionist Dan Woods (off of this) and ukuleleist Jo Stephenson (off of this). Together they are doing a musical comedy show at the Royal Botanic Gardens about growing your own vegetables.

I did Dungeons & Dragons and Passenger Announcement, playing most of the right notes and mostly in the right order. I’m still pretty ropey at the singing and strumming at the same time thing but I’m gradually getting better. And if you saw me last night: yes, that’s me getting better.

Discovered once again what a small world the Edinburgh Fringe is when I bumped into a guy I knew from uni who was in the audience and is staying with Jo. We all went for a pint after the show; I still don’t know why Dan spluttered his pint over me when Jo asked if I liked the new Doctor Who.

What I learnt today: Early nights are good. (I may have learnt that already but I’m reminding myself.)

Recommended show: Beta Males: The Train Job

Obligatory plug: I’m in Three Man Roast (★★★★ –, 2.35pm weekdays at Finnegan’s Wake on Victoria Street – free entry.

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