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The europop (pop) makes me dizzy May 24

It’s that time again: tonight is the final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

I missed both semi-finals and haven’t had time to listen to the contenders, so I’ll be watching tonight (at the local LibDems’ annual Eurovision party) with an open mind.

One of my two predictions for the contest has already come true: Ireland’s abysmal entry by Dustin the Turkey was knocked out in its semi-final. My other prediction is to disagree with the BBC’s tiny and unrepresentative Eurovision panel that Sweden will win. Although Charlotte Perrelli has won before, her entry this year, Hero is – based on the short clip I’ve heard – nowhere near as good as her 1999 winner Take Me to Your Heaven.

In lieu of my usual reviews, you can get a rundown of tonight’s songs from Liberal Revolution, and a quick guide from Mike.

I’ll probably live Twitter the show. You can find what will no doubt be pearls of wisdom (“What *is* she wearing?!” will be par for the course) at or by texting follow willhowells to 07624 801423.

3 Responses

  1. 1
    Bob Shaw 

    Having seen only the 2nd semi final my money is on Albania, Georgia and Portugal

  2. You have a local LibDems’ Eurovision party?
    My backwater urban neighbourhood is clearly missing out.

  3. 3

    My wife is saying Terry Wogan was right…