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Eurovision update May 20

I missed last night’s semi-final because I went to see a film and forgot to set the video.

I note, though, that of those tracks I identified as good, several have plunged out of the contest. Iceland, Slovenia and Lithuania were all knocked out, leaving only Switzerland and the UK from my Top 5. F.Y.R. Macedonia (who, I seem to remember, don’t like being called that) also go through while Spain had pre-qualified.

From my list of The Bad, it tended to be the dull, rather than hilariously bad, that lost: Belgium and Finland, although Croatia got through, amazingly. Portugal also went out. Sadly, Saturday’s viewers won’t be treated to the shockingly dire Irish performance as that too was ousted in the semi-final. Moldova and Norway made it through so we can laugh at them – unless they win, of course, in which case it’s tears of shame all round.

Greece and Norway have been tipped by the bookies, followed by Hungary. The latter came top of the semi-final and will be opening the show, followed by the UK. (Running order.) Opening will likely boost Hungary further, although Switzerland may still benefit from being near the end. (Sweden – for Stuart – are near the middle of the show, performing 14th.)

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    I watched the semi-final so you don’t have to – see my posting last night.

    The winner will be either Norway (with its Darkness-clone heavy metal song) or whichever country’s glamorous female singer has the largest breasts and the fewest clothes. Moldova (with granny on drums) is the outsider to watch.

  2. 2
    Simon Radford 

    I have Greec to win, and Malta each way… The tension is inbearable : )

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  4. 4

    Hey Will. Well I have to say I disagree with you about the Macedonian entry: I couldn’t stand it!

    As ever, a strangely compelling evening.

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