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Iain Dale’s Top Liberal Democrat blogs Sep 24

Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging in the UK (snappy title there, Iain) is out today, so Iain has posted up on his blog the top 100 Liberal Democrat blogs as voted for by a panel of LibDem bloggers – including this one. (Last year’s list was drawn up by Iain himself.)

No geek is an island is down one from 2006, at 13 – not bad given the relative sparsity of posts this year. Millennium Dome, Elephant leaps 70 places up to number 7, and Jonathan Calder, perennial runner-up in the party’s Blog of the Year Awards, takes a well-deserved first place.

The full list is here. (Via.)

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    Hi Will. There’s something intrinsically comic about “Top 100 Liberal Democrat Blogs”. Makes me think of Miss Marple, scones with homemade jam, and the Orient Express.