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Shut it, you slags Sep 17

I’m in Brighton for party conference, finally with a chance to blog. Been very busy putting videos online, running training sessions and, last night, at the Blog of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all the winners, and hello to the bloggers I met for the first time.

This morning, I had phone calls with a couple of people from the BBC about the awards, giving them background information about the awards, talking them through who won, and putting them in touch with Blogger of the Year James Graham.

There’s a maxim when dealing with journalists: always assume you’re on the record. As such, when I found myself unexpectedly quoted on the BBC website, it was a pleasant surprise. Reading back what I said, though, I do think I could perhaps have been a little more erudite when praising James – so let’s assume “slag off” was me being “spikey“…

Anyway, here is a lovely photo of myself and the winners, courtesy Alex Folkes/

Blog of the Year award winners

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  1. 1

    Reading the article I don’t think you came across badly at all.

  2. I do, but then I could just be bitter that I didn’t win anything 😉

  3. Hi Will. Not a comment about this post, just getting back to you about the comment you left on my blog:

    Apologies for not saying hello after the Facebook fringe; I might well have done had I not had a train to catch (cheapskate studentery left me staying with a friend in Lewes rather than a hotel). By way of a substitute, I have added you as a friend on Facebook.