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Throwing one’s toys out of the pram Jan 24

Let’s imagine I ran a successful business and employed fifty people around the country as part of my empire. I’ve got a good turnover, making a nice profit, and helping the economy.

Then I decide that I don’t want to pay corporation tax – I decide it’s ethically wrong to take away money that I could reinvest in my company (and thereby the economy) in order to fund (let’s say) a war in a Middle Eastern country.

I say to the Government: “Either you abandon your attempts to charge me corporation tax or I shall close my company down in defiance, laying off all those staff, and then you’ll get no corporation tax from me at all. Ha!”

We can be fairly sure (assuming I’ve not given money to the Labour Party) that the reply from the Government will be along the lines of: “Tough.”

Wouldn’t it?

In entirely unrelated news, everyone’s favourite elephant has some thoughts about adoption.

5 Responses

  1. I LOVE you, Mr Will


  2. I’m just curious why they care what sexuality the parents are – surely the focus should be on the home environment, whether it is a stable relationship, etc?

  3. 3

    You can tell “Dr Williams” is evil, the eyebrows give it away.

    I think that the church will make it really hard for the couples to adopt no matter what legislation is put through, I think they will always make it a big deal. Which sucks, because it should be able the child’s needs, the fact that they’re gay doesn’t come into it if they’re willing to give them a stable home and guidance. This whole deal will probably put gay couples off approaching Catholic institutions anyway, so they’ll probably get their way by not actually having to deal with this issue for now.

  4. 4

    Will, I have warned you time and time again about the dangerous of letting Opus Dei into the cabinet. 😉

    Read your John Locke!

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